SWIM WITH DOLPHINS HAWAII – Ko Olina Resort – Oahu, Hawaii


Dolphin Snorkel Tour

Passive Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins

Our swim with dolphins in Hawaii snorkel encounter procedure is to have our snorkelers assume a passive float position in a safe, non-intrusive manner. The longer you hold perfectly still, the longer your Hawaii dolphin swim should last. Experience Oahu’s wild spinner dolphins in the Hawaii tradition of respect for these beautiful animals.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Following your Oahu dolphin swim, your next two snorkel sites are natural turtle cleaning stations. You’ll watch the ever friendly and always pleasant green sea turtles gather to get their shells and skin cleaned by algae-eating reef fish. 

Snorkel Among Colorful Reef Fish and Fascinating Ocean Wildlife


Your swim with dolphins Oahu adventure concludes with snorkeling through coral gardens among schools of brilliantly colored reef fish and exotic ocean creatures.

Seasonal Bonus – Be Amazed by Majestic Humpback Whales

As a very special bonus, included in your snorkeling adventure from December through April is humpback whale watching. Watch these majestic mammals, often accompanied by their newborn calves, play in and cruise the waters of west Oahu. 

Your snorkel tour includes: snorkel gear, snorkel lessons, life vests, bottled water and lunch.

Lunch is served at the marina following the tour and consist of teriyaki chicken or hawaiian pulled pork sandwiches, lettuce and tomato condiments, fresh mixed fruit, pasta salad, chips, and lemonade, veggie burgers and a gluten free option are also available. A snack pack, hot tea or hot chocolate is also served before boarding on morning tours, a snack pack and iced water on midday tours.