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5 Reasons for Visiting Hawaii in January

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If you’re planning on visiting Hawaii in January, be sure to include a stop on the island of Oahu. Much like North America, January is the winter season on Oahu, but compared to many other places, the weather is still quite warm and pleasant. With temperatures averaging between the mid-60°s and low-80°s Fahrenheit, there can be occasional rain showers during January. Showers are typically brief and followed by the vibrant rainbows that give Hawaii the nickname “rainbow capital of the world.”

In addition to seeing the most brilliant rainbows, here are 5 more reasons for visiting Oahu, Hawaii in January.

New Year’s Celebrations

Kick your new year off right by celebrating on Oahu. New Year’s celebrations include fireworks and festivities.  For an unforgettable New Years’ celebration, head to Waikiki Beach to catch fireworks on Dec. 31st. At the stroke of midnight, the sky is aglow with extravagant colors and bursts of light. 

Can’t make it to Oahu for New Years? If you’re visiting between the end of January and the beginning of February, why not celebrate Chinese New Year? Depending on the lunisolar calendar, this festival is usually held two weekends in a row at the Chinatown Cultural Plaza Center and features entertainment, crafts, food vendors, and more. The multi-week celebration kicks off with the Narcissus Festival, which includes a traditional lion dance and a visit from the Narcissus Queen and her court. 

Oahu’s Rainforests and Waterfalls

The rain showers of January just make Oahu’s waterfalls and rainforest that much more impressive and lush! For a day trip that includes both, head to Manoa Falls. A relatively short trail that winds through a dense, beautiful rainforest, the highlight of the hike is undoubtedly the 150-foot waterfall at the trail’s end. 

Indoor Adventures

If you get rained out of your hike, Oahu has plenty of indoor adventures for the whole family to enjoy. Families with young children can enjoy a two-story indoor playground at Honolulu’s Kids City or explore Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center, a children’s museum located at Hawaii’s Kaka’ako Waterfront Park.

Humpback Whale Watching

The peak of humpback whale season falls in January, making it the perfect time to catch a glimpse of these magnificent mammals. Maximize your chances while visiting Hawaii by booking a Catamaran Sail & Snorkel Tour that includes seasonal humpback whale watching. 

Breathtaking Sunsets

From fireworks and hikes to snorkeling and whale watching, January is an excellent time for visiting Hawaii. Brief, gentle rains followed by clear skies make the gorgeous sunsets of January even more spectacular. One of the best ways to bask in the glow of the sunset is aboard a Sunset Catamaran Sailing Cruise, a two hour experience that just might be the highlight of your visit to Oahu. 

January’s mild weather and abundance of events and attractions can also mean that popular tours may fill up quickly, so be sure to plan ahead. Book in advance to be part of a Ko Olina Ocean Adventure snorkel tour or whale watching experience during your visit to Oahu! 


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