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Ko Olina Ocean Adventures Mermaid Splash!

a close up of a rock next to water

a person standing next to a body of waterEvery pirate searches the seas for his dream girl, chasing pirate booty, or a fabled treasure.  Our Naked Pirate that has been sailing the western coastline of O’ahu is no different than any scallywag or buccaneer in this manner, but atlas he has finally found his partner!  She has eluded him for years.  Sometimes, she has been spotted as a sprite, or a glimmer among the ship’s wake.  But o’er time, their chase and friendship has grown, and the Mermaid has joined seats with her Pirate on the Holole’a Kai where they enjoy entertaining many buccaneers with their grog.  Welcome, the Naked Mermaid!

Tasked with the duty of perfecting the requested Grog of the Naked Mermaid, owner Todd Pickering, Marketing Manager, Bianca Seaton and Reservations Manager, Patti Moniz set out along the shores of the Leeward Coast and came upon the oasis of the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club’s: Longhi’s.  The fine establishment serving up the tastiest grog and grub, and its fine crew were delighted to mix and pour to the request of the hearties hoping to satisfy the beautiful sailing mermaid.  After many pours, but staying the course, the perfect balance was found.  There would be no walking the plank, there would be a celebration!  Yo ho ho!

The Naked Mermaid’s Grog has since been given one hook and one thumbs up aboard the Holole’a Kai.  You can find many Jolly McSwaggers and Chummy Swashbucklers enjoying this emerald drink that has a wee bit of spirits, a wee bit of magic, and a wee bit of the heart of the sea in her.  Come aboard and try this emerald treasure!

Along with this special mermaid drink, ye can also set sights upon the latest attire donning our beautiful Mermaid with her grog recipe on the back. Shop our latest attire here:

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