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Answering the Important Questions: Are there Snakes in Hawaii?

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If you’re considering a tropical destination for your next vacation, then Hawaii should most certainly be on your mind. Beaches, waterfalls, palm trees…but what about the not so “paradise” sides of paradise? Planning your island getaway you may find yourself wondering…are there snakes in Hawaii? Should I be concerned? Well, let’s look into it!

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So, are there snakes in Hawaii? The Quick Answer




For those in a hurry, the quick answer to the question is: No, Hawaii doesn’t have a booming snake population, or really a snake population at all. What a relief right? It seems almost unbelievable that a place this gorgeous could be snake-free, but it’s true. Well, almost true. There is a “but” to this, but it’s a very very small but, we promise.


The Brahminy Blind Snake: The Hawaii Snake Exception


We know we just told you “no” to your important query of “are there snakes in Hawaii?” …and you could go to Hawaii and ask anyone and they would likely agree with our response. That’s because the one “exception” to our “no” is a small exception indeed, maybe even a cute one. Meet the only “wild” snake in Hawaii: The Brahminy Blind Snake. Tiny. Non-venomous. Mostly out of sight. In fact, these wee critters are so un-snake-like that they’re often mistaken for earthworms. Yeah, they’re that small. So, you can see why everyone in Hawaii is comfortable answering “no” to the snake question. Imagine someone answering “yes” and pulling out a lil guy smaller than your pinky.


Why are there No Snakes in Hawaii?


Now that you know the answer to “are there snakes in Hawaii?” is a comforting “No”, you may be wondering how and why a tropical paradise ends up free of these slithering nuisances. Jungles, after all, are famous for them. 

Simply put, Hawaii just didn’t have any native snake species; it really is a paradise like that. The islands remain snake-free today because of super strict laws in place. Think: hefty fines, quarantines, and even jail time for those bringing in unlawful animals (of all kinds). Why so strict? Ecosystem balance. Snakes could wreak havoc on the native bird populations and other critters. Hawaii says a big “no thank you” to that! Especially after having it happen when rats were brought over (accidentally) and mongoose were brought over (on purpose, but without much thought).

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There are No Snakes in Hawaii, So Enjoy Your Vacation


So are there snakes in Hawaii? No. And should you start planning your island getaway worry-free? Yes! The islands invite you with open arms: to bask in the sun, to embrace its culture, and to marvel at its unique ecological tapestry. And yeah, you can leave your snake boots at home.


Now that you know you’re heading to a snake-free land, it’s time to start planning all the fun activities the island has in store. Explore the underwater landscape on a snorkel tour or plan some family fun and enjoy local food at a Luau, the island is your playground!