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Planning Your Vacation: How Long is the Flight to Hawaii?

a large air plane on a runway

If you’re dreaming of a tropical getaway, then Hawaii should be the first travel destination on your list! With its picturesque beaches, vibrant underwater landscape, and tropical mountains…well, it really is a paradise. But there is one factor that can seem intimidating in traveling to Hawaii, and that’s the distance. Hawaii is far from pretty much everywhere, but exactly how long is the flight to Hawaii? Let’s talk about it!

a plane sitting on top of a runway

How Long is the Flight to Hawaii: It’s All Relative!


Time’s funny, you know? Sometimes it drags (like during an office meeting). Other times, it’s warp speed (weekend vibes, anyone?). But when it comes to answering the question “how long is the flight to Hawaii?”, it’s a lot about geography.


Traveling to Hawaii from the Mainland US

From the West Coast, like LA or San Francisco, you’re looking at an average of 5-6 hours. From the East Coast, say New York or Florida, it’s roughly 10-12 hours. 


Crossing the Pond to get to Hawaii

Europe! Aloha from afar! If you’re jetting in from, say, London, expect a hefty 17-ish hours, often with a layover. If you’re boarding from other parts of Europe, the times can vary, but you’re still in for a bit of a marathon. Is it worth it? Absolutely!


Asia and Down Under Flight times to Hawaii

Tokyo to Honolulu? About 7 hours. Sydney? Around 9 hours. So, basically, it’s a full-day affair, give or take. And for our Kiwi pals in New Zealand, you’re clocking in at about 9 hours too.



But keep in mind that layovers which you’ll most likely (or definitely) have will affect these times. 


Arriving in Hawaii After a Long Flight


After all the movies, the naps, and perhaps a few questionable airplane meals, you’ll feel that gentle thud of landing. And guess what? You’ve made it! Make sure to try to catch those last moments before landing, where the vast blue ocean meets the lush green land. It’s a little teaser of the adventures that await.

The moment you step out you’ll feel that balmy air and smell the sweet scent of tropical flowers. It’s Hawaii saying, “Welcome and aloha!” Once you arrive on our tropical island paradise you’ll feel so relaxed and at home, you won’t be asking “how long is the flight to Hawaii?” you’ll be asking “what flight to Hawaii?”

Once you arrive, a myriad of adventures and activities await you to reward you for your travels. Explore the stretches of white sand beach, book a snorkeling tour to enjoy all the underwater wildlife, or enjoy some family fun and delicious food at a Hawaiian Luau…it all makes the trip worth it!

a body of water with a mountain in the background

How Long is the Flight to Hawaii…it’s Worth it


Yeah, your trip might be a few hours, or many, but in the grand tapestry of life, it’s a mere blip. And at the end of that journey? Paradise awaits. And hey, when you’re lounging on that beach, sand between your toes, with the sun setting over the horizon, you won’t even remember how long the flight was. You’ll just be grateful you took it.