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Discover the Mermaid Caves of Oahu

Are you visiting the island of Oahu and looking to discover a little Hawaii magic? Well, maybe you’ve heard of the famous-secret Mermaid Caves of Oahu, maybe not, but either way, you won’t regret experiencing this unique and stunning slice of paradise.

What are the Mermaid Caves of Oahu?

Otherwise known as “The Tunnels”, the Mermaid Cave is a stretch of ancient coral reef which, after years of pounding surf, has developed a cave you are able to hop into and explore! Nestled on Oahu’s west coast, this cave is like nature’s little secret—a hideaway of complete wonder. Carved by the hands of Mother Nature herself, the caves are primarily limestone. The play of sunlight filtering in creates a surreal blue hue that dances on the walls. 

Making Your Way to the Mermaid Caves

To get the gorgeous Mermaid Caves of Oahu, follow your GPS to Kalaniana‘ole Beach Park. From the south end of the park head towards the shore. There aren’t any direct “Mermaid Cave” signs; this is one of those hidden gems, so look out for the cave entrance which should be about 300 feet on your left. 

Considerations for Your Trip to Oahu’s Mermaid Caves

As with anything in nature, it’s important to be prepared and aware. This is especially true for oceanside adventuring. There are a few things you’ll want to consider and be aware of before venturing. 

-Check the Tides and Ocean Conditions

High tide is beautiful to watch, but maybe not the best time to explore the caves. Water rushes in and things can get, well, a tad too adventurous. Aim for low tide when the waters are calmer, and the caves reveal themselves more generously.

Be Respectful

These caves are natural wonders, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to respect them. No loud music, no littering—leave only footprints and maybe a splash or two!


Bring shoes! Flip-flops might be great for cruising the streets, but you’ll want sturdy footwear to protect your feet. The Mermaid Caves of Oahu, after all, are caves. 

-Getting in and out

Getting in the caves requires hopping in from about 6 ft up (although this is subject to change). Make sure you’re fit and able to come out how you came in–it’s the only way.

After You Explore the Mermaid Caves on Oahu

The Mermaid Caves of Oahu are a natural spectacle that almost feel like a dream. And when you’re standing there, the salt in the air, the echo of the waves—it’s pure magic.

So, when you go (and you should), dive deep into the experience. And this goes for all your Hawaii adventures. The islands, and Oahu in particular, are full of natural wonder and unique places to explore. 

Once you’ve experienced the surreal beauty of the Mermaid Caves, why not explore the vibrant underwater life of Hawaii on a snorkeling tour. Or witness the sun set over the ocean on a sunset sail on the Pacific. Many adventures await you on your tropical vacation, and we can’t wait for you to explore all the magic this incredible island has to offer!

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